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Criminal Defense

When you have been charged with a crime, it will be one of the most trying times of your life. No criminal charge is a small charge. A criminal charge has the potential to turn into a criminal conviction, and a criminal conviction can change the course of your life. Fighting a criminal charge from the moment of arrest provides your best chance at proving your innocence or getting the best possible deal. If you're facing a criminal charge, you cannot face that criminal charge alone. Mr. Rohr will put his experience and dedication to work for you to help you fight the criminal charges against you from the moment of your arrest and through the criminal trial process.
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Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure

Unlawful search and seizure is alarmingly common, with many innocent individuals being subject to illegal searches that violate their Fourth Amendment rights. Such searches are especially common among those who have been accused -- but not yet convicted -- of committing a variety of crimes. Following illegal search and seizure incidents, it is essential to turn to a lawyer such as Christopher A. Rohr for targeted legal counsel.
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When you are convicted of a crime, that criminal charge goes on your permanent legal record, and it stays there unless it is removed by the criminal court. Even if your conviction is overturned, the criminal record remains. The process of getting a criminal charge and conviction wiped from your permanent record is called expungement. If you have been convicted on a criminal charge and subsequently had that conviction overturned, expungement can be one of the most beneficial things you will ever do in clearing your name.
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Traffic Law

At the Law Office of Christopher A. Rohr, P.A., we represent clients in a wide range of traffic law cases, ranging in severity from misdemeanor to complex felony charges. Many traffic infractions carry serious penalties that may negatively affect your finances or your ability to drive. Often when drugs or alcohol are involved, the penalties for conviction may even include time in prison. That is why it is critical to have an experienced traffic law attorney on your side. We provide the legal counsel you need to protect your rights in negotiations and in court. Often charges may be lessened or dropped altogether. We are ready to work with you to explain your rights and available options.
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Family Law

The Law Office of Christopher A. Rohr, P.A., is a family law firm with offices in Colby, KS. The firm provides comprehensive legal counsel in a wide range of family law matters to clients in Western Kansas, as well as statewide, including divorce and child support cases. Attorney Christopher A. Rohr is an experienced family lawyer who has helped many families affordably and effectively resolve their family law disputes. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients who will provide the high-quality legal counsel you need to move forward with your life.
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Member of the following Organizations:

NORML – National Organization of the Reform of Marijuana Laws – Life Member
NACDL – National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
KACDL – Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – Board of Governors
ABA – American Bar Association
KBA – Kansas Bar Association