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Expungements Attorney in Northwest Kansas

When you are convicted of a crime, that criminal charge goes on your permanent legal record, and it stays there unless it is removed by the criminal court. Even if your conviction is overturned, the criminal record remains. The process of getting a criminal charge and conviction wiped from your permanent record is called expungement. If you have been convicted on a criminal charge and subsequently had that conviction overturned, expungement can be one of the most beneficial things you will ever do in clearing your name.

Long-Term Costs of a Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction can carry steep prison terms and fines, but those are only the immediate consequences of the conviction. Once the prison term has been served and the fines have been paid, the mark on your record can still impact multiple areas of your life for many years to come. Since a criminal conviction may prevent you from getting some jobs, joining some professional organizations, and attending some schools, once that conviction has been undone, you must also undo the record showing it was ever there, so you get control of your life again.

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The Benefits of Expungement

When your record is expunged, it doesn't just show that your conviction was overturned. It removes the conviction from your record as if it never happened. This is essential for getting employment with those companies or being accepted into schools or organizations that demand no criminal record. If your record is expunged, you are starting from a clean legal slate, which means you never have to worry about being denied entry into an organization or school for a crime it has already been proven you didn't commit.

Getting Your Record Expunged in Kansas

Once your conviction has been overturned, getting your record expunged is a fairly straightforward process. It does, however, require the proper paperwork and qualified representation.

Based out of Colby, Kansas, Christopher A. Rohr is a criminal defense attorney who has ample experience in getting clients' criminal records expunged once their convictions have been overturned by the courts. When your conviction is gone, it shouldn't keep impeding your life and opportunities simply due to some marks left behind in the system. Mr. Rohr can help get your criminal conviction wiped from your record, so you can stop worrying about what people might see when they look into your past and start focusing on your future.